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Happy Birthday Me!!

And what a happy birthday it was! I received presents from my fellow students and Haribo from my family back home, I started learning a sword form in Taichi and an intermediate level form in Mantis, and to top it all off we've enjoyed the hottest weather so far this year!


Despite relatively good weather last week it snowed on Friday which worried me a little, I've seen a lot of snow this winter and to be honest I'm getting kinda sick of it. Somehow, through some miracle of meteorology, by Sunday the weather had turned and we had three days that were so hot we were training in shorts! What are the chances, eh? Unfortunately it was a little too good to be true and the rest of the week was grey and rainy. It's a relief to know the sun does shine here occasionally though, we were starting to forget what it was like.

Taichi has been going very well. I've finally finished Yang 42 form and, although I'm a long way off being able to perform it flawlessly, I have moved on to learning Taichi sword. As some of you may know I've been itching to learn Taichi sword for some time now, so the fact that it coincided with my birthday week seemed somehow appropriate. It is very different from learning a fist form, much harder to coordinate, so I am practicing with the sword every spare moment I get.

Mantis is going quite well too. It's much harder for me to see my progress in Mantis as my master is never satisfied with my performance, there is always something for me to correct. I must be doing something right though as he has just started me on an intermediate form. This form is called "White Ape Steals the Peach." White ape is apparently a reference to the highly agile gibbons found in China, and stealing the peach is a euphemism for severing your family tree. Think about it. I am learning this at a much slower pace than the previous forms which suits me fine. I would prefer to spend more time perfecting a few movements and getting to know them really well than racing through multiple forms without understanding them.


My actual birthday was on Tuesday so I spent the day training hard (and getting slightly sunburnt). That evening Qu Sifu gave me a cake to celebrate and I opened the parcel my family had kindly sent. Hilary surprised me with a tupperware box jammed full of Oreos that had been dipped in milkybar chocolate and creatively decorated with gummy sweets.


I'm having to limiting myself to one of those a day, I'm not used to that much sugar all at once anymore. I shared the cake out that evening whilst it was fresh but we decided to do the proper celebrating at the weekend. We wanted to pay a visit to Yantai's Pizzahut, make sure the pizza was up to the franchise's exacting standards.


It was gooood :)

I had my doubts about the icecream at KFC so we had to check that twice...


Hehehehe, you have no idea how good junk food makes you feel after months of abstinence. Despite craving salt and junkfood we've never been tempted to eat here however:


Dico's? What were they thinking? :P

I was hoping I would have one more thing to tell you all about but instead the end of this is entry is going to be something of a cliff hanger. The weekend before last we went into Muping to visit the tailor and be measured up for kungfu suits:



Unfortunately tailor has a large backlog of work at the moment so I won't be able to pick mine up until next weekend. I will be sure to post pics when I do though :)

Anyways, that's it for now, expect an update soon about the outfits

All the best,


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Happy belated birthday mate, can't wait to see your new kung fu suits

by zoheb_raza

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